Valentine’s Day @Emiko

Hongou had fought this over in his mind many times. Valentine’s Day was a useless holiday, he argued. It was pointless and served no purpose to himself or any others. What a waste of money; buying fattening chocolates and roses that will quickly wilt - what was the purpose of that?

Still, there was the issue of Emiko. He hadn’t admitted to himself that he felt something more than friendship towards the woman, and something told him he never would.

All the same, Emiko would probably never want to spend time with him on this damned holiday. Would it be rude to suggest the two of them go out together? Was it disrespectful to Nijisaki for choosing today of all days?

He wasn’t claiming her as his own; he would never even think to do such a thing. But did they not deserve to have some fun on this day? At least, Emiko deserved some enjoyment in her life. Hongou wasn’t going so far as to assume he could bring her happiness, but he knew he was probably the only one who could at this point.

It was his fault for her loneliness in the first place. Did he have any right to try to help?

These thoughts echoed in his mind for quite a while, but before he realized it, he was on his way over to her home.

Blinking in surprise at his own decisions, he shrugged and accepted it. It would be a waste of gas to simply turn around and go home now (at least, that’s what he told himself; he knew that gas money was not an issue for him at all).

Before he turned onto Emiko’s street, however, he realized he had nothing to bring her. Feeling like a complete idiot, he parked a bit too far away from a vendor selling flowers on the street. It wasn’t his usual choice of gifts, but it would have to do for now. Trudging through the snow, he stood in the cold, shivering and waiting for the bumbling seller to gather the roses he’d picked out. Finally, he paid the man and trekked back to his car.

After he was situated, he started up his BMW again and drove the rest of the way to Emiko’s home. After brushing himself off and making sure he looked presentable (which was quite a pointless action; how could he know how he looked?), he left the car and grabbed the roses. Hesitantly, he walked up to the front door and knocked lightly, holding the flowers behind his back.

When he heard footsteps inside the home, he told himself for the umpteenth time that day that this was a stupid idea.

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